Investment Strategy

For over 35 years, TA Realty has focused exclusively on private real estate investment in the United States – establishing deep expertise in acquiring, developing, managing and selling real assets. TA Realty currently manages investments within three distinct investment strategies: value-add closed-end funds, a core open-end fund and customized separate/advisory accounts. Across its strategies, TA Realty works to construct U.S. real estate portfolios that are diversified both by geography and property type in order to create a balanced risk/return profile. Through its focus on building diversified portfolios, TA Realty has gained the flexibility to successfully respond to changing capital markets and real estate environments.


TA Realty has sponsored and managed value‐add closed-end real estate funds for over 30 years and has approximately $3.9 billion in gross assets under management (including uncalled capital commitments) in this strategy as of December 31, 2018. The Firm has developed and refined a consistent value-add investment approach that focuses on creating diversified real estate portfolios that can generate strong cash flow and benefit from intensive property level asset management.  This strategy focuses exclusively on the four main property types (industrial, multifamily, office and retail – with a strong emphasis on industrial), target small to medium sized investments (average asset size of approximately $25-$30 million), and over their history have invested across approximately 35 U.S. markets.  TA Realty’s value-add portfolios feature moderate leverage – capped at 50% loan-to-value.


  TA Realty also sponsors a core open-end strategy.  This strategy’s objective is to leverage the Firm’s long-running real estate expertise to construct and operate a well-diversified portfolio of institutional quality, core real estate holdings in major U.S. metropolitan areas with an emphasis on steady income generation. It also actively leverages TA Realty’s asset management and value-add investment expertise.  As of December 31, 2018, the portfolio has a gross asset value of $3.1 billion (including uncalled capital commitments)  The portfolio includes 37 investments totaling 13.7 million square feet and 1,938 multifamily units.  The portfolio is diversified by property type, geography, industry exposure, tenancy and is concentrated in major U.S. gateway markets. 


TA Realty works with separate account clients to develop customized investment plans that meet the client’s investment objectives.  The Firm’s seasoned real estate professionals work closely with each client through acquisition, asset management and disposition of assets.  Investment parameters vary by client based on their expressed objectives regarding investment strategy, transaction size, geographic focus, property type and leverage parameters.  Typically, TA Realty has worked with clients to create portfolios that have a core or build-to- core focus, occasionally concentrating on investment in a particular product type.  As of December 31, 2018, TA Realty’s customized separate/advisory accounts total $3.9 billion in gross assets under management (including uncalled capital commitments).

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