Investment Strategies

Value‐Added Commingled Funds
TA Realty has sponsored and managed value‐added, commingled real estate funds for approximately  31  years  across  35  markets,  four  property  types  (office,  industrial, multifamily, retail) and through various real estate and economic cycles. During that time, the firm has developed and refined a consistent investment approach focused on creating diversified real estate portfolios that can generate strong cash flow, benefit from an intensive asset management approach and result in the long‐term creation of value over the life of a fund. As of September 30, 2017, TA Realty managed four value‐added funds totaling over $4.7 billion in gross assets under management, including uncalled capital commitments. TA Realty’s first seven commingled funds were successfully liquidated on schedule.

Core Separate Accounts
TA Realty works with each separate account client to develop a customized investment plan that meets the client’s investment objectives and is complimentary to their existing portfolios. While the majority of separate accounts focus on assets in all four property types (office, industrial, multifamily, retail), investment parameters vary by client regarding investment strategy, transaction size, geographic focus, property type and leverage parameters. The firm’s dedicated and seasoned real estate professionals work closely with each client through acquisition, asset management and disposition of assets. As of September 30, 2017, TA Realty’s core separate/advisory accounts totaled approximately $5.2 billion in gross assets under management.